The Mural at Harry Grove Stadium: History and Goals

Yemi at Harry Grove Stadium, Frederick, Md

In the summer of 2020, Yemi completed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Frederick in July and incorporated as Community Arts LLC. The $2 million mural project, located on the site of Harry Grove Stadium in the City of Frederick, is expected to be completed in 2022. It will be one of the largest murals in the world at 550 feet long, 14 feet high and 7,700 square feet.

The mural celebrates the rich history of athletics in Frederick County over the past 125 years and includes Olympians, professional players, collegiate athletes, a few outstanding coaches and one horse—a Preakness winner. The 250 honorees participated in more than 30 sports for both team and individual achievement. Our earliest athlete played baseball in 1895 for the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, eventually known as the Brooklyn Dodgers. The most recent athlete is a high school senior who played on the U17 Girl’s National Basketball Team, representing Frederick around the world.

We believe the Frederick Sports Mural will be a tourist destination and an economic driver. According to the CoStar report, due to its physical location and proximity to MD Route 355 and Interstate 70, there will be 44 million views per year of the mural from these roads. Between the views and a vibrant campaign to engage the athletes, their team members, school alumni, and the community, we believe the project will appeal to a broad audience. 

Our process of selection has been able to include sports and individuals inside and outside the realm of the public school system. As an example, we have a Fredericktonian who is a charter member of the International Jousting Hall of Fame, Maryland’s state sport, which isn’t offered at any local school. We can boast a diversity of sport, race, gender, decade, mobility, and level of play.

We have engaged the services of Frederick County businesses and offer employment to our fellow residents. The companies include employees who will guide us through construction, engineering, architectural design, website creation, fundraising, accounting, public relations, and project management. We will also produce a book and a documentary about this extraordinary project and its athletes, employing photographers, film makers, writers, sports historians, and a book editor.