The Frederick Sports Mural recognizes the spirit of individuals, the thing that keeps us playing the game of life. When asked who our heroes are, many will give the name of an athlete. We admire their stamina, speed, strength or skill. We root for them to win against the odds. We unite with others to cheer our team on to victory. We admire the excellence of the individual athlete who competes against them-self to beat their own record. We are inspired.

The Artist Yemi has signed an MOU with the City of Frederick to bring into being the largest sports mural in the United States, composed of over 250 athletes representing more than 30 sports.The mural will recognize players and a few award winning coaches – and even a horse – and their stories will be told in a companion book.

The Frederick Sports Mural will be located on the grounds of the Frederick Keys Stadium and follow the span of the exterior wall facing 355 & 70. The rendering below shows the covered walkway that will allow visitors a unique connection to the art. Yemi will create the images of the 250+athletes through 2021 while construction of the mural’s structure is in process. The project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2022.

Please join us in honoring Frederick based athletes whether high school, college, team individual, professional or Olympians from the 1900’s to today.

We ask you to become a mural team member. Be a part of recognizing local athletic achievement in Frederick by joining in with other sports fans. Show your team spirit by honoring one of the athletes being memorialized, or your favorite school or sport. Every gift makes a difference! Every gift will be recognized in our Hall of Fame online.

The Sports Fan Club/Fill the Bleachers Campaign: Gifts of $25,000 or more will receive special recognition with the donor’s image replicated sitting in the bleachers that will be a part of the mural. You may choose your favorite team, school or player’s color as your shirt color in the mural.

Team Captain Opportunity: Gather your team mates, family or fellow alumni to make a gift in honor or in memory of one of the athletes. Please send us an email so we can coordinate efforts and support your team, player, coach or school.

For more information contact us at hello@fredericksportsmural.org or visit us online at
www.fredericksportsmural.org and follow our progress on social media.


Is my donation tax-deductible?

Frederick Sports Mural is a  project of Community Arts Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Contributions made payable to Community Arts Inc for the purposes of Frederick Sports Mural are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. If you receive a reward in exchange for your donation, the fair market value of that reward will reduce the tax-deductible portion of your donation. The value of the reward you receive will be included in your donation receipt.

Will I be charged right away for my donation?

Yes. Community Arts Inc will immediately charge the card entered at the time your donation is made.

What personal information will be shared with Community Arts Inc.?

Community Arts Inc. will have access to the name and contact information you provide at the time you make your donation.